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What is SecurePayStubs?

Effortless payroll starts with SecurePayStubs! Our online paystub generator helps you generate professional pay stubs in minutes with simple, Secure and Accurate federal and state tax calculations. Whether you're managing employees or yourself as self-employed, simplify your payroll and gain peace of mind.

How can you use our free paystub generator?

Enter required information, preview, and apply code FIRSTSTUB for your free first stub, and then email or download.


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Generate Free Paystub Now

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Free Paystub templates

Choose from our vast library of free paystub templates and add logos, colors, and more—design your paystubs to perfectly match your company. It's fast, easy, and free!

Customization options

Free Customization options

Customize your pay stub without any restrictions, such as adding a logo, pay stub templates, and more.

Customization options

Accurate tax calculation

SecurePayStubs calculates your federal and state taxes automatically, saving you time and ensuring flawless accuracy. No more manual calculations or confusing forms. Focus on what matters, while we handle the rest!

Customization options

State-Specific Tax Calculations

Generate accurate paystubs with automatic federal and state-specific tax calculations for all states with our online paystub generator.

mobile application

SecurePayStubs also offers the convenience of a mobile application

Generate accurate paystubs anytime, anywhere, with our mobile app for iOS and Android. Send paystubs by email instantly to employees and independent contractors.

Are you prepared to give it a shot? Download the app immediately!


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Frequently asked questions about our Online Paystub Generator?

Can you create a pay stub for free?

Create your first paystub for free with code: FIRSTSTUB with our free paystub generator. Input your information, preview, apply the code, and effortlessly download your accurate pay stub at no cost. Precise calculations based on your input are effortlessly done.

How do I get a free paystub for the self-employed?

For self-employed individuals, traditional pay stubs are uncommon. They often report income through 1099s for contracted work. Simplify this process with SecurePayStubs, the online free paystub generator, offering a free first paystub with the code: FIRSTSTUB. Utilize our free online paystub generator for detailed, calculated pay stubs, streamlining your financial reporting.

What is the difference between a pay stub and a paycheck?

A pay stub is a detailed record of earnings and deductions, providing a breakdown of salary components. A paycheck, on the other hand, is the actual physical or digital document that represents the net amount an employee receives after deductions, issued by the employer.

Why SecurePayStubs is the best paystub generator?

SecurePayStubs is a reliable free paystub maker that offers various customization options and the ability to generate paystubs for multiple employees simultaneously. Its budget-friendly pricing, coupled with positive ratings and reviews, makes it an excellent choice for businesses and individuals in need of a trustworthy paystub generator.

Where can I find a free pay stub template with a calculator?

You can find a free pay stub template with a calculator at SecurePayStubs, which calculates federal and state taxes accurately. It's user-friendly, customizable, and includes essential details. Simplify your payroll process with SecurePayStubs.

How do I access the free paystub generator?

To access the free paystub generator, visit and click on the Generate free pay stubs now Button. Enter the required details, preview your pay stub, and apply our coupon code: FIRSTSTUB for your first pay stub. Download it for free.

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